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our DOLLHOUSE story

DOLL HOUSE LUXURY LLC is founded on the belief that beauty is a way of expression throughout the world. We want everyone to explore their own individuality with our products. This is why we are so committed to give you the best experience with our quality hair, in different textures, colors, & styles. Experience our different hair textures that comes in various forms which include: Brazilian Body Wave, Straight, Deep Curly, Kinky Curly & Kinky Straight. Our hair sources are derived from the best vendors who creates extensions that will leave your CROWN with a natural appearance. The Doll House Luxury line gives our customers an optimum wear up to 1-2 years if cared for and maintained properly.

How Healthy is your Hair?
How often do you use heat?
How many times a year do you chemically enhance your hair?
What is your hair porosity?
When was the last time you had a TRIM?
Look closely at the tips of your hair, how many split ends do you see?
How often do you deep condition?

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